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Top 15 Off Page Techniques in SEO 2018

Top Off Page Techniques in SEO

We are warmly welcome you to read top 15 Off-Page SEO Trends and Techniques 2018 to boost up your website popularity as well as visibility over internet to get more higher traffic than ever.  These top 15 off page SEO techniques and trends will help you to get better your website position in SERP. So without being late, let’s find out list of top 15 best off page SEO trending techniques and off page seo tutorial

1. Search Engine Submission

Search engine Submission is well-known off-page SEO techniques and search engines easily discover your blog/website online, although it may take some time to show your brands and contents on search engine result page (SERPs), so it is better to submit your blog or website to the most famous search engines across world like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

2. Social Networking Sites

Social Networking, well-known as “Online Reputation Management, is one of the best off page seo activities that you should make use for getting huge unexpected traffic and rank on Google’s SERP. So here you only have to find out Top Social Media Sites to begin and then simply sign up/register to the most famous social networking sites and start creating yourself or business profile and make bigger your online network through connecting different people similar to you and friends. Regularly share your essential and user-friendly work/ things with each other. So get involved in top Social Networking Sites and build online reputation through advertising, regular posting and a lot of other steps to promote your website/blog.

3. Article Submission

If you want to drive huge traffic to your website/blog, even get some essential links to your site from other people Article Submission then High Pr Article Submission Sites can play a huge helpful role to your online presence. So you should write a useful and valuable article regarding your blog or website topic and submit it on most popular sites including Ezine, Go Articles, Tumblr and even more.

4. Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing is a very simple and easy way to promote your Blog/Website through posting comments on other blog posts as it lets you to add a link in the comments section through adding some other info. You will surprised to know that link that you posted in other persons blogs commonly referred to as “Do-Follow” Blogs and can then be crawled by search engines, as well as helping to point them towards your site. So you can post your comment in below comment section.

5. Blogging on Top Blog Submission Sites

Blogging is a finest technique to promote your website online through writing a valuable blog to promote your website as it give indication to search engines to crawl your website repeatedly and Top Blog Submission Sites finally helps you rank top in search engine results pages (SERPs). By writing and posting a valuable latest blog, you can get in touch with your visitors and give a hyper-link in description so they can easily return to your website through just one click. However, you should write unique and attention grabbing content and communicate to your readers within your blog posts easily.

6. Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing is another excellent way to get better and build up your reputation through getting involved in community similar and related to your Blog/Website and use “Do-Follow” Forums so that you can comprise a link to your site within your signature, which will help search engines to crawl your site for higher rank and traffic. So here simply reply to people’s questions, advice them and help them with their queries.

7. Directory Submission

Directory Submission may take some time to give maximum effects. With delayed results, it is worth doing to your valuable blog or website so it is all depend on your intelligence on how efficiently you choose best directories category sites for submission that go well with your website or blog. So always choose those directories sites that give maximum effect and similar to your niche directories like general directories. If you want to get fast results, then you can choose paid directories sites that take only just few days to approve your essential contents.

8. Social Bookmarking

If you want to bring quick online reputation to your blog or website then High Pr Social Bookmarking sites is a further grand way to promote your blog/website. You can find a huge number of most popular social bookmarking sites over internet to submit your newest blog posts and website’s landing pages. Some of the most popular bookmarking sites with high PA and DA are Pinterest, Mix, Diggo, Digg, Delicious, Reddit and even more. Be careful before submitting your valuable content, as you must correctly give tags, title, images and description to increase your website or blog traffic.

9. Link Baiting

Link baiting is a further well-known technique to get better or promote your Blog or Website through posting valuable unique post for your website/blog that attracts others to link your site for their online reputation. If you copied/published other person’s blog/website content into your website, then please don’t put out of your mind to place their website link as a reference. So writing or generating unique trustworthy content that will let others to link you can boost your link popularity at another level.

10. Photo Sharing

Photo Sharing is an excellent way to reach desired auditions through posting genuine and unique photos with proper alt text before making any use on your site and share your photos with website link on most popular photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, and even more.

11. Social Shopping Network

Social Shopping Network sites are ideal sites for promoting the business of an e-commerce website to get higher sale through advertising and branding products free by submitting on top most liked and used Social sites including Google Shopping, Yahoo Online Shopping, MSN Shopping, Kaboodle, Style Feeder and even more.

12. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the most trendy way in recent time to get huge online reputation to your brand or website through placing, sharing videos that you have created or used on your site that describe your website’s content or other essential information on popular sites including YouTube, Vimeo and even more.

13. Business Reviews

You know writing or giving reviews to others brands or asking your friends/customers to write a review for your business present a great way to promote your online presence as mostly people read reviews before making any efforts so use most popular business review sites including RateitAll, Shvoong, and Stylefeeder to review your valuable work.

14. Local Listings

Local Listings is another excellent technique to spread your website or blog locally through finding and listing in local directories effectively. It is a best technique to submit sites to High PR Local Business Listing Websites rather than going worldwide and experience huge competition, also search engines can effortlessly find your website or blog and fetch the content. So there are a number of local listing sites to submit your website to sites including Google Business & Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, and even more and reach your targeted audience easily.

15. Questions and Answers

If you love responding or answering to others questions, then Questions and Answers techniques is best way to participate in discussions related to your topic. Here, you can give grief answer with leaving a link so other people read and find your site directly. So create new accounts on sites that let you to ask a question and give appropriate answer on sites including Disqus, Yahoo Answers and Quora. It will help to increase your website reputation and a great technique to increase your link reputation.
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We hope you really enjoyed a lot to read this useful post and whole off page seo checklist 2018 so don’t forget to leave your queries and comments below!

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